Opportunity Real Estate Fund Is Getting Stronger, Jiří Schwarz Is to Head the Supervisory Board

The well-known Czech economist Jiří Schwarz has become Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Opportunity Real Estate Fund. Established within the Karlin Port Real Estate investment and development group, this fund aimed at qualified investors has complied with the necessary formalities and entered the next phase of its existence. The first properties have been acquired in sub-funds and now they are looking forward to the first wave of interested investors. The fund offers a net rate of return higher than 8% p.a. and estimates management of private investments totalling EUR 80 million over the next 5 years. The competence of the fund’s management and its credibility are vastly contributed to by persons with years of experience in the development sector as well as proven economic results.

15. 09. 2022
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A unique characteristic of Jiří Schwarz is the interconnection between his academic focus and strong business experience. Apart from the evolution of economic thinking, Jiří Schwarz has also focused on the issues of economic regulation and the performance of financial and capital markets. As Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he thus aptly complements our team and contributes to broadening of its experience and competence,” says Milorad Miško Miškovič, Managing Partner of Karlin Port Real Estate and Co-founder of Opportunity Real Estate Fund.

Jiří Schwarz is the President of the Anglo – American University in Prague and a member of the Scientific Board of the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales (IREF) in Paris. Between 2009 and 2013 he was a member of the National Economic Council of the Government of the Czech Republic (NERV). In the past he held the office of Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Association of Investment Companies and Funds of the Czech Republic (AISF) and represented the Czech Republic in the European Federation of Investment Companies and Funds (FEFSI) in Brussels. He has also served on Supervisory Boards of various joint-stock companies, including a bank, not only in the CR, but also abroad.

More detailed information about Jiří Schwarz’s professional experience, including that of the fund’s partners, is available on the fund’s new website: www.opportunity.estate.

Details about Opportunity Real Estate Fund can be found here.


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