• Investment

    For either private or an institutional investor, KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE provides as a local partner outstanding short-term and long-term investment performance.

  • Development

    With years of development experience, we understand the need to nurture a new project, supplying necessary care and attention to all stages of the development process.

  • Property

    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE is responsible for the effective running of property portfolios with a focus on maintaining the highest level of service in order to meet or exceed target income level and maximize the capital value of the portfolio.

  • Sale

    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE is in constant communication with large number of private and institutional investors seeking 'off-market' transactions and can therefore offer discrete placement services whereby real estate is not exposed to the market in general.

  • Acquisition

    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE targets identifying attractive opportunities in real estate investments. Thanks to in-depth market analysis and an exceptional knowledge of investment cycle, we are able to maximize value in financial and society-wide way. Our passion and team leaders with decades of experience guarantee to recognize the optimal point of the investment cycle at which we can maximize the value of the project.

  • Location

    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE has substantial expertise in location marketing of both brownfield and riverfront projects. Location marketing increases the velocity of sales and often allows charging a premium over non-branded locations.

  • Leasing

    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE brings a strategic, proactive leasing approach to your commercial real estate assets. KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE has a unique experience in pre-leasing and leasing of numerous Class-A office buildings.

  • Financing

    Equity financing, senior debt, mezzanine financing.