Miki Goldshtein

Managing Partner

Miki started his real estate career in Poland in 2004 as CFO of Ronson Development, a Dutch public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Prior to this he was the Head of Treasury at the largest Israeli fuel company Paz.

He moved to Prague in 2005 to become CEO of Neocity Group Czech Republic, a strong regional development company active across CEE, including Poland and Romania, focused predominantly on the residential segment. Amongst other projects, as country CEO, Miki oversaw the development of 250,000 m2 across 3 residential projects, being involved in all parts of the development, including planning, construction management, marketing and sales as well as financing, feasibility, government and administrative relations.

In 2011 he joined Daramis as CFO and joined forces with Milorad on their first joint project. As Daramis CFO, Miki oversaw the development of all of the company’s projects, including parts of Daramis’ flagship project Marina Island – a redevelopment of former Prague river docks into a multipurpose area of over 800 apartments and over 25,000m2 of commercial space.

Miki graduated in 1998 as a public accountant and earned an MBA with a specialization in Finance in 2004.